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The Empowered Press gives VOICE to the stories that matter. We support our writers on their journey to becoming successful, published authors. Our authors keep their creative freedom while working in a collaborative community of writing & publishing professionals.

Our hybrid model of publishing is unique in that we are at the intersection of traditional and self-publishing. We are an alternate way for authors to publish their important stories that in today's traditional publishing landscape are routinely rejected. 


We are author subsidized--but that's where the similarity to self-publishing ends. The Empowered Press is a true collaboration, a meeting of minds, between author and publisher. Similar to traditional publishing, we fully vet our authors (a very strict vetting process), they qualify for traditional reviews, and we offer both online and traditional distribution, as well as an in-house sales and marketing team. 

We are also available to Ghostwrite!

Most importantly, TEP authors earn more royalties than traditionally published authors. Authors invest in a publishing package and keep up to 75% net of their royalties. 


Our authors seek to disrupt the norm. We embrace writers from diverse backgrounds and are committed to breaking the silence. Our mission at The Empowered Press is to EMBOLDEN writers to find and speak their truth.

Through shared stories, written by authors like you, we aim to bridge the gap between cultures resulting in an environment of unity and respect where the underserved and misunderstood are empowered.

Our Mission


A hybrid publisher accepts full responsibility for the quality of the titles it publishes. Books released by a hybrid publisher should be on par with traditionally published books in terms of adherence to industry standards, which are detailed in IBPA’s Industry Standards Checklist for a Professionally Published Book

The Empowered Press strictly adheres to the
IBPA's Hybrid Publisher Criteria



Our Titles



The employee benefits industry is littered with bullsh*t.  Whole Lotta $$ in This MoFo brings together thoughtful subject matter experts with decades of experience to provide bite-sized insights that can be actionable and transformative for business leaders everywhere.



From high school dropout to college professor.

This inspiring memoir takes readers on a journey into the ordinary life of Jill Carlyle as she wrestles with a path she can’t control and discovers the power to shape a future she deserves. 



Porcini Pig lives a peaceful life on the McDoodle Farm with his animal friends One day Porcini encounters an unexpected dilemma! Join Porcini through his exciting adventure...


Portrait hard cover book 7x10_JS_Her.Story.png
Portrait hard cover book 7x10_WOTW Preliminary Cover.png

Nonfiction Anthology

A heartfelt collection of nonfiction poetry, short stories, and essays written by women of all ages and races who are breaking the silence and disrupting the norm.

AVAILABLE Winter 2023!


Kelsi Jo and Alex Kincaid married right after college; they raised four daughters and built a life that, from a distance, looked picture-perfect. For thirty years, it seemed nothing could shake them. Until a life-altering diagnosis changed it all. In the turbulent aftermath, Kelsi begins to question everything about her life, her marriage, and her choices. Everything she’d ever known dissolved as quickly as her husband’s ashes.


As Kelsi’s identity begins to unfold, she shocks family and friends as she lets go of the woman she once was and steps into the woman she's meant to be. 

AVAILABLE Summer 2023!

Dedicated Excellence in Publishing.

The Empowered Press is dedicated to the highest standard practices in the publishing industry. Our #1 goal is to serve our clients and exceed their expectations. Our entire team understands that each client comes with specific needs and expectations. 

We are committed to doing whatever it takes to deliver exceptional service.



We do the right thing even when no one is looking. We speak with truth and use our words and business practices to lift others up

We respect each other and embrace difference in cultures and community.


We care about one another and our clients. We seek to understand different view points and perspectives.


Our Core Values


We cooperate and work together with each other and every client we serve. 


We pursue our goals and promises even in the face of adversity. We are committed to the follow-through.


We are focused on what is right and grateful for the opportunity to serve our clients. We are thankful for each client we have the honor of working with. 



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