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Developmental Editing

Developmental editing (macro edits) is a big-picture, deep-dive review and edit of your manuscript. This edit includes a written critique and in-depth margin notes within the manuscript itself. You'll get a detailed editorial letter addressing the strengths and weaknesses, structural issues, plot holes, inconsistencies, marketability, and target market audit. In addition, you will receive guidance on the craft of genre/writing and examples will be included. You’ll chance to chat with your editor via Zoom. This is one of the most VITAL steps an author makes when publishing a book. HIGHLY recommended.

Developmental Editing fees start at $0.063 per word.
Please call for a personalized estimate for your project.

A Developmental Edit includes the following

One: First R

Reading through the manuscript for the first time, your editor will keep three running documents:
* Original manuscript
* Outline of the book or author notes
* A new document with notes in the margin/track changes

Notes are made in the margins, as well as detailed notes in the full document that keeps track of topics in each part, section, chapter of the manuscript.

Two: Developmental Plan/Editor’s Letter (6-8 pages)
  1. Introduction: Overall thoughts on the manuscript.
  2. Content Summary: A description of the manuscript in its original state. Editors provide an outsider’s and professional’s perspective. 
  3. Problem Summary: Major/minor issues in the manuscript. I also state my reason behind my suggested changes and how they might help improve the manuscript. For example: holes in scene, plot, arc, more material, ideas for supporting outside references, suggestions on length, etc. 
  4. Strengths Summary: What works and why.
  5. Vision Statement: This vision statement is about what I perceive after reading the manuscript.
    Sometimes seeing something the author doesn’t is a tremendous help in either polishing the manuscript further or framing the narrative differently. (This will likely NOT apply to you).

  6. Readership Profile: Target audience and how I think your book fits in with that audience and other readers you may not have considered. 
  7. Summation: The conclusion of the developmental plan sums up how my suggested changes might improve the narrative. It also serves as a reminder that you are not obligated to accept my suggestions. They are merely considerations: some you may apply, others not so much.)
Three: Zoom Consultation

Once your editor has returned your manuscript and developmental plan to you, and you have an opportunity to look through the letter and notes, we will schedule a collaboration session to discuss feedback and answer any questions you may have. Expect the call to last anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour (it can go longer if needed).
Turn around time (From start to finish): 4-6 weeks
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