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Project Management

This option works well for a completed manuscript that has gone through all rounds of editing EXCEPT the final proofread. The package is for the self-published author who doesn't want to hassle with the tedious, back-end publishing tasks and desires white-glove service in self-publishing their book. 

Project Management 

  • Proofread (two proofreaders)

  • Font and back cover design for paperback, hardcover, ebook

  • Book layout and format design including .mobi and PDF file

  • Amazon back-end publishing setup (this will be turned over to you)

  • Distribution to Amazon including relevant/researched keywords and ten categories specifically targeted to increase immediate bestseller status

  • Set up IngramSpark, online distributor to Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, Target, Walmart, and over 30,000 additional book retailer outlets and libraries

  • Back-end Amazon digital support 

  • Advanced Reader Copy Team set-up, organization, and execution (30 days prior to launch and follow-up post-launch)

  • This option does not include any editing besides proofreading services AFTER the book has gone to cover design and layout. Editing services would be priced a la carte

  • Copyright and Library of Congress registration

  • The author retains 100% royalties and ownership


Fee: $4000 USD (1/2 due at signing; balance due after layout)

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