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Barbara Legere

In dealing with her son's illness, Barbara gained a firsthand understanding of addiction, mental health services, and ultimately the heartbreak of losing her only child to suicide.

As a result, she became a passionate advocate for addicts and people suffering from mental illness. She believes in harm reduction and medically assisted treatment but is not a fan of “tough love”. 


Barbara was inspired to write about her experiences. She is the author of the bestselling book “Keven’s Choice – A Mother’s Journey Through Her Son’s Mental Illness, Addiction and Suicide”. Barbara is co-author of bestseller, “The Epiphanies Project – 20 Personal Revelations”.


Barbara is a native of Southern California and lives with her sister, three dogs, a cat and a tortoise. She enjoys the beautiful outdoors, NHL hockey, and communicating with anyone who needs a listening ear.

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about Talk to Me: I'm Grieving


Talk to Me I'm Grieving provides an empathetic approach to understanding grief. Having experienced grief after losing her parents, family members, and beloved son, Keven, author Barbara Legere writes with profound insight offering healing tips while focusing on how grief can be a form of love. In addition to her own experiences, Barbara has invited grievers to share stories about how loss has affected their lives.

A book for grievers and supporters alike, Talk to Me I'm Grieving promises to deliver real advice that aids in the healing process, no matter what stage of grief you or someone you care for is experiencing. With insightful guidance, Legere offers concrete language that comforts and steers away from the socially constructed cliches we're accustomed to.

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