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Dr. Madeline Smith

Dr. Madeline Smith, Founder and CEO of MADDRS, LLC (Making A Difference Directing Real Strategy), has a rich educational background including a BA in Religious Studies and Philosophy, an MBA, and a Doctorate in Business Administration.


Her research delved into corporate social responsibility in the health insurance sector. After serving over seven years in nonprofit administration, particularly as VP of Development and Marketing, she pivoted to the insurance, healthcare, and risk management fields. Focusing on self-funded operations, she was the Chief Growth Officer of a health captive and brokerage agency.


In 2019, she founded a business coaching and consulting firm assisting various stakeholders in the industry. Known for her visionary approach and dedication, she recently authored the best-selling anthology, Whole Lotta $$$ in this MoFo: An Employer's Guide To Navigating Legalized Larceny Within American Healthcare, igniting a movement in healthcare reforms. Outside of work, Madeline cherishes family time in Texarkana, TX, writes passionately, and enjoys outdoor runs.

about Whole Lotta $$$ in This MoFo (Book I)

No business owner begins their entrepreneurial journey with the vision of managing a benefits plan for employees. But while fulfilling their company mission, whether a small business or a publicly traded company, today, business leaders are forced to wade through countless solutions and vendors for their employee benefits plan.


Unfortunately, the employee benefits industry is littered with bullsh*t: vendors misrepresenting their solutions, agents with conflicting incentives from their clients, products that aren’t affordable, and regulations that don’t fix the actual problems. In an age where recruitment and retention are more important and complicated than ever, a benefits package is a necessity but also an opportunity not to be missed. 

about Whole Lotta $$$ in This MoFo: The Patient Guide (Book II)

Navigating the complex world of health care can often be a daunting and expensive task. With the industry heavily commercialized, genuine information is frequently obscured by marketing jargon and sales tactics. Dr. Madeline Smith, having journeyed through the system as a woman, wife, mother, and an expert in the field, recognized the pressing need for a transparent guide.

"Book II" is that essential handbook. Distilled from her rich experiences and expertise, it offers clear insights and practical advice, aiming to simplify health care for all. Dr. Smith ensures that everyone, regardless of their race, gender, age, location, or economic background, can access the tools they need to achieve and maintain good health. This book is a beacon of clarity in a murky world, promising genuine guidance without hidden agendas.

Available 7/30/24

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