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Bhuvan Bhadra

14-year-old Bhuvan Bhadra is a young artist with a passion for drawing since he was little. Porcini's Adventure is Bhuvan's second published book following his 2019 release, Idioms. Bhuvan was homeschooled for years while traveling with his parents. In 2021 he joined Baylor School in Chattanooga, TN. He spends his days at school, and enjoys time with his family and friends, drawing, and listening to music.

about Porcini's Adventure


Dive into the heartwarming world of Porcini's Adventure, a delightful tale of friendship, curiosity, and the joy of unexpected journeys brought to life by the unique collaboration of a mother and son team. In this charming story, we meet Porcini Pig, a lovable character who enjoys a serene existence on the picturesque McDoodle farm, surrounded by his beloved animal friends.

Life on the farm is peaceful and uneventful, exactly how Porcini likes it. However, his world is turned upside down when he faces an unforeseen dilemma that challenges the tranquility of his daily life. One day, Porcini's best farm animal buddies share some alarming the McDoodles have unknowingly disrupted his plans for a peaceful life! This revelation sets Porcini on an adventure filled with excitement, challenges, and learning. As Porcini navigates through this new situation, he discovers the strength of friendship, the importance of adapting to change, and the beauty of embracing life's unexpected moments.

"Porcini's Adventure" is not just a storybook, but a celebration of imagination and creativity. The delightful illustrations, hand-drawn by the son in this creative duo, add a personal and heartfelt touch to the story, making each page a visual treat.


Perfect for children and adults alike, this book is an invitation to join Porcini and his friends on a journey of discovery and fun. It's a story that will resonate with anyone who has ever faced changes and found joy in the unexpected. Let "Porcini's Adventure" remind you of the magic that can be found in friendship and the simple pleasures of farm life. Grab your copy of this Limited Edition and fall in love with Porcini Pig and his enchanting world on McDoodle Farm!

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