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Shuna Morelli

Shuna Morelli, M.S. in Integrated Science Education, is an author, educator, and creator of the BodyMind Bridge System of Self-Healing. Studying with an Amazonian shaman has inspired her to write a series of novels that focus on the benefits of psychedelic medicines within the context of a strong female protagonist. She lives in Washington State with her wife and spends her free hours hiking in the pacific northwest and reading the latest research on psychedelic medicines. Shuna is the author of three non-fiction books.

about 49 Days: The Psychedelic Discoveries of Jenni P. Perkins Psychonaut Scientist

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Jenni P. Perkins is a gifted neuroscientist dedicated to the scientific method—until she has a series of odd coincidences and strange encounters with people who counsel her to “walk in both worlds.”  She is encouraged to expand her consciousness with psychedelic medicines to access information that will  help her research—information she cannot access in her lab.  When Jenni the scientist adds  “psychonaut,” to her bio,  her work, romance, and sense of identity explode  into an unpredictable  series of  events.

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