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Justin Marlowe

Justin Marlowe holds a Bachelor of the Arts degree from Virginia Tech and has worked as an educator in the public school system for about 16 years. His upbringing was extremely diverse and full of elements that would seem contradictory. As a student athlete in high school, he competed in tennis at the highest level. In college, he took a multitude of diverse courses that cultivated his writing ability. They were mainly rooted in sociology, history, media, and classes with race as a root concept.

As he's grown older, studying these subjects has aided in his development and placed him into unique categories to be able to tackle such issues in an extremely keen manner. This is where he currently stands, as a budding author with so much to say and with a breadth of information to share with the world.


The depths of his knowledge and intricate skill sets have also bled into the worlds of fashion and media, as podcasting has become an area where his personality and bantering competency has become notable. In the near future, he hopes to capitalize on all of which he has experienced and propel his career to new and unfathomable heights.

about Perfect Strangers

Book Cover TBA.png

The memoir, “Perfect Strangers,” comes together through the duality of the adolescent tales of the primary protagonist, Justin, and the main secondary character, Nicos.  Their overt and personal stories that deal with typical youthful growing pains are exemplified by the nature of being African American during the late 80s and early to mid 90s.  By combining anecdotal pieces and then releasing sincere stories that delve into high school socialization, romance, racism, classism, mental health, tumultuous family dynamics, and teenage confusion, the intertwining elements of the two protagonists are at the root of the overall intrigue. 


A primary point of interest is the analysis of struggling with growing up in areas that are still reeling from the turmoil of the Civil Rights movement while dealing with a litany of obstacles that regularly present themselves.  Justin's worldly perspectives intertwined with Nicos' close family ties provide a dichotomy that invokes a lure from readers.   These types of memoirs are rarely told, but can significantly bridge the gap between more antiquated generations and more modernized progressive ones.  Unapologetic suburban black stories, told from an unapologetic suburban black perspective. 


They are conveyed in a manner that encompasses everything that they need to in order to be told in their rawest form.  The honesty behind the narrative is the major selling point, as it connects to what billions of humans deal with as they struggle through their own developmental qualms.  The high school connection between Justin and Nicos puts the bar over the top, as it is salacious, random, and ultimately very fruitful.   At the same time, the bridge between the two makes perfect sense.  A one of a kind tale that will engross a multitude of demographics into recognizing art with a level of commonality.  Something that is needed in a world that places us on opposite sides of a chasm, against one another.

Available 8/27/24

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