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Our Submission Process

We are not a self-publishing platform, and we do not publish every manuscript that we read. The Empowered Press only publishes manuscripts that align with our mission.


Similar to traditional publishing, we fully vet our authors (a very strict vetting process). Our authors qualify for traditional reviews, online and traditional distribution, as well as our in-house sales and marketing team. Every manuscript published by EP undergoes several rounds of editing by our team of highly qualified editors: developmental editing, line editing, copyediting, and two rounds of proofreading.

We do NOT charge a submission fee. We accept both solicited and unsolicited manuscripts.

Please review and follow our submission process. 

Not ready to begin the submission process or unsure if your manuscript is ready for publication? We offer a manuscript review with the publisher. Email us for more information:



Submit Your Work

Please email us a PDF file containing a 150-200 word synopsis of your book, the first chapter, and an outlined overview of your manuscript.

If you do not have formal chapters, a nonfiction book, or an outlier genre (trade or popular nonfiction), you may instead submit a few sample pieces that you feel define the tone of the book.

Please allow 2-3 weeks from submission to review.


Discovery Call

After your submission has been reviewed by our acquisition team, if we feel the Empowered Press would be a good fit for your work, we'll reach out to schedule a discovery call.


This is where your journey to becoming a published author with the Empowered Press begins. During this call we'll discuss the status of your manuscript, whether or not you'll want developmental coaching to complete it if you haven't already, a rough timeline for publishing, and how we can get started.


Official Sign On

After the discovery call, we will meet with you separately to discuss your publishing agreement and answer any questions you have.

Once you've accepted the terms and sign the agreement - congratulations and WELCOME to the Empowered Press family of authors!

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