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Anton Jones

Graduating with his MFA from Portland State University, Anton Jones now works as an assistant professor of English at Concordia University, Chicago.  In the spirit of Catullus, he and his friends attribute their love for writing to spending Friday nights around a campfire roasting each other with comedic poetry.

about This Is Not A Death Sentence

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Anton Jones chronicles his battle with his inherited illness, an illness that places him on the schizophrenic spectrum.  The collected poems stitch together a lyric memoir fractured by depression, mania, boxing, door-to-door sales, delusional crushes, poverty, haunted houses, suicide, healthcare obstacles, homelessness, fatherhood, and the Pacific Northwest.  Though Jones tries to hide the stigmatized symptoms, he ultimately breaks and must learn to see the whole picture even if half of the puzzle pieces are irreparable.  His poetry mirrors his lived experience with the illness, containing poetry that is relentless, poetry that mimics the suffocation of coherent thought with an onslaught of movements, associations, and horrific hallucinogenic imagery.  Despite declining for years and struggling seemingly in vain, Jones musters the strength to punch it back.  He refuses to live as though he was handed a death sentence.

Available 12/3/24

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