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Lainey Oslin

Lainey Oslin is a poet and lyrical-verse storyteller living in Washington State. Her first book I’m Not the Same Again Today, introduces us to her unique style of self-help and memoir poetry.

Tackling real life rhythmically, Lainey lays bare a life filled with crashes and recoveries and captures what it is to grapple with addiction, divorce, betrayal, and grief while celebrating love, renewal, creativity, and family. All of this is done against the backdrop of her beloved Pacific Northwest, which she credits for a great deal of her healing and inspiration. She lives with her husband, Ric, and their cat, Gus, but you can often find her on any of the local trails.

Her daily writings can be found at her Instagram blog @thelaineydayblog, and her debut lyrical memoir, I’m Not the Same Again Today, will be released June 18, 2024, through the Empowered Press.

about I'm Not the Same Again Today

L Oslin - Not the Same Again - Kindle.jpg

For anyone who's ever said, ‘I just want my old self back again,’ and then changed their mind.

Equal parts lyrical memoir and self-help poetry book, Lainey lets you in on the details of a life that left the rails and how she used language to outline the landing. While recovering from a life upended at the halfway mark, Lainey rediscovered her love for the woods and words and taps into both to bring you every insight.


From the very first page, Lainey shows us she’s willing to offer her own weaknesses and failings up for evaluation in order to wring every drop of wisdom out of them. With half a life of experience filled with many missteps, Lainey tours every topic, and you’ll find yourself saying, ‘I never thought of it that way.’ Whether you’re reading from cover to cover or opening to any page, I’m Not The Same Again Today offers wisdom and insight gained when you lean in and let life change you- over and over again.

Available 6/18/24

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