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Our Submission Process

We are not a self-publishing platform. We do not publish every manuscript that is submitted. The Empowered Press only publishes manuscripts that we deem to be publish-ready. Authors invest in a publishing package and keep up to 75% net profits on their print books (minus a small distribution fee) and 80% on ebooks.


Similar to traditional publishing, we fully vet our authors (a very strict vetting process). Our authors qualify for traditional reviews, online and traditional distribution, as well as our  in-house sales and marketing team. 

We charge a $15.00 submission fee to assess your work to see if it meets our publishing criteria. This is a part of EP's thorough vetting process which we believe ensures the quality of your project. This fee will be applied to your publishing package if your manuscript is accepted for publication.


Step 1

Submit Manuscript

Submit the first 50 pages of your manuscript along with a short synopsis (should not exceed 200 words), and chapter-by-chapter summary.

If you do not have formal chapters, have a nonfiction book, or outlier genre (trade or popular nonfiction) please do your best to provide an overview of your manuscript.

Step 2


We vet our submissions


Every manuscript is  assessed by our editorial and acquisition team. 

We will place you in one of our two publishing categories or invite you to consider our writing mentorship program and community. 

Please allow 4-6 weeks from submission to decision.


Step 4

Response from Publisher

Once the team has made a decision, you will receive an email from our publisher, Jill Carlyle. 

The email will inform you of your next steps and invite you to schedule a call with our publisher to discuss your options, answer questions, and next steps you will need to take in the publishing process with The Empowered Press.

Currently accepting submissions for
spring & fall 2023 releases

By clicking the appropriate link below, please submit:

  • non-refundable $15 submission fee (will be applied to your publishing package if your manuscript is accepted);

  • complete the form (link will be available after you submit your payment);



  • a short synopsis of your story (should not exceed 200 words);

  • the first 50 pages of your manuscript;

  • chapter-by-chapter summary;


There will be a section at the end of the form to UPLOAD your document.


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