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The seeds for The Empowered Press were planted in late 2017 by founder Jill Carlyle. After graduating earlier that year from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor's degree in English, Jill's passion for studying literature naturally segued into writing her own stories. She quickly learned that today's world of traditional publishing routinely rejects important stories that need to be told for the likes of celebrities and social media influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers. Jill quickly discovered how frustrating and deflating traditional publishing can be. She decided to take matters into her own hands, publish her own work and help other writers do the same.

Jill's background includes a double master of art in English and Creative Writing. Over the years, she has worked with various independent publishers as well as publishing services. Additionally, Jill is an adjunct professor of English and Literature. She has a sharp eye for great storytelling and a talent for helping writers publish their stories.


 Jill Carlyle, is the best-selling author of Finding Fifty: A Memoir of Rising in Midlife and the forthcoming fiction novel Her Story So Far scheduled for publication December 2022. She has authored various essays and articles on everything from family to the female voice. 

Jill Carlyle, MA

Founder & Publisher 

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Dedicated Excellence in Publishing

The Empowered Press is dedicated to the highest standard practices in the publishing industry. Our #1 goal is to serve our clients and exceed their expectations. Our entire team understands that each client comes with specific needs and expectations. 

We are committed to doing whatever it takes to deliver exceptional service.



We do the right thing even when no one is looking. We speak with truth and use our words and business practices to lift others up.

We respect each other and embrace difference in cultures and community.


We care about one another and our clients. We seek to understand different view points and perspectives.


Our Core Values


We cooperate and work together with each other and every client we serve. 


We pursue our goals and promises even in the face of adversity. We are committed to the follow-through.


We are focused on what is right and grateful for the opportunity to serve our clients. We are thankful for each client we have the honor of working with.

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