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Why Should I Hire A Book Coach?

Book coaches guide authors through the book writing process. They help writers stay focused and organized, help brainstorm ideas, and help them reach their goals by keeping them accountable, getting to the finish line, and publishing (if that's what the writer desires). Working with a book coach can help make intimidating parts of the writing and publishing process simpler and more accessible.

What is a Book Coach?

A book coach is a person who assists with the book writing process. A book coach (AKA a writing coach/mentor) helps facilitate the creative conception of a book idea and guides the development of a first draft into a completed manuscript. Overall, a book coach helps the author improve their work in whatever way they can.

What Does a Book Coach Do?

You will meet with your book coach for one hour per week via Zoom. During the week you will work on various writing tasks, exercises, and readings (along with a due date) that will help you with your manuscript or project. 

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