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The act of writing is a solitary endeavor, but the art of writing is communal. Writers thrive when they share space with other writers. A writing community helps cultivate a writer's strengths and pushes them beyond limiting beliefs. The WWU (Women Writers United) community facilitates empowered writing, builds sisterhood, and helps each member evolve and grow as writers through a mutual connection.

We meet Monday - Friday for morning meeting write-ins and Monday and Wednesday evenings for our writing workshops.

Women Writers United
A Writing Community for Women


Women Writers United

Morning Meetings 




Just looking for space of your own to write?

Do you struggle with finding time to write? Maybe you've always wanted to join a writing group but you don't have time. The Morning Meeting is the perfect time to set aside before your day gets started and do what you love: Write.


Grab a cup of coffee, tea, come in your pj's or fully dressed for work. Pop in for the full hour or carve out as little as 15 minutes to get some writing done before your day gets started...


6 Months to Done

Write and publish your memoir or novel in 6 months!

2 cohorts per year

Write Your Life: For Memoir Writers

February 6th - August 6th, 2023


A Novel Idea: For Fiction Writers
June 5th - December 3rd, 2023

Where the Art of Writing, the Act of Writing, and the Business of Publishing intersect!